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Flashback Database

Before Oracle 10g, if the database suffered some logical data corruptions or user errors, your choice would be Point-in-time recovery. That means restoring datafiles from backup and after that using archived redo logs to applying changes. In short, it was a costly and time-consuming process. Flashback Database is another flashback technique that can be used … Continue reading

Flashback Table

There are two Flashback feature related to database table: Flashback Table and Flashback Drop. We already discussed the Flashback Drop feature. In this post we will discuss the Flashback Table. Flashback table feature allows you to flashback a table to a previous point-in-time that means you can discard all the changes that were made on … Continue reading

Flashback DROP

Oracle flashback technology is an alternate to traditional recovery methods. Unlike RMAN, which most of his part deals with physical corruption, flashback technology deals with logical corruptions like a user has accidentally dropped a table or a query changes some data sets. Flashback technologies basically introduced in Oracle 9i as Flashback Queries which uses UNDO … Continue reading

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