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New in Oracle Database 12c – A

So now when 12c is officially released, lets have a look on the new features/enhancement it offers. This post is basically outline the new features but not in details. My future post(s) will deal with about these features in detail. Hope you like it and as usual any feedback is welcome. First of all, The … Continue reading

Oracle Database 12c

Although it’s not officially but Oracle Database 12c is available on edelivery.oracle.com (only for Linux 64-bit). If you have valid credential and wants to test this new flagship database, download it from edelivery. p.s. The documentation is still in beta. 😦 Update (after 2 hrs): The docs available at Oracle Database 12c Documentation page. Software … Continue reading

A Short Guide to Oracle SQL [X] – Other Database Objects [Index]

Indexes are optional database objects that (if used properly) can increase the performance of queries. When retrieve data from the table Oracle has two options to do, First reads every row in the table (Full Table scan) or use the index to find the relevant rows quickly. Full table scan in itself is a resource … Continue reading

New Background Processes in Oracle Database 11g

Oracle Database 11g introduced 56 new background processes. Note: The following post based on the Oracle Database 11g and briefly describes some important processes. These processes are mandatory and can be found in all typical database environment. PMON – Process Monitor Recover failed user process, Releasing resource, Rollback uncommitted Transaction SMON – System Monitor Instance … Continue reading

PL/SQL New Feature : CONTINUE statement

CONTINUE statement is finally comes with Oracle 11g. It comes in two forms: CONTINUE Continue statement terminates the current iteration of the loop and passes the control to the next iteration of the loop. NOTE: CONTINUE statement condition evaluates with the help of IF statement. CONTINUE WHEN Same as CONTINUE statement. But the condition in … Continue reading

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