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Introduction to Data Guard

Data Guard is Oracle’s High Availability Disaster Management solution. Disaster management in terms of protecting from Human errors, Natural disasters etc. Data Guard configuration consists of at least two databases: Primary and Standby (one or more). A primary database used to create standby database which in turns can be seen as a consistent copy of … Continue reading

A Short Guide to Oracle SQL [X] – Other Database Objects (Views)

ViEWS A view in a datbase is a virtual table (logical structure) based on a SELECT statement. Although a view contains no data itself, it acts much like a table. You can use (view) as the source for query, Some even allow you to INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE operations. The query on which view(s) are … Continue reading

A Short Guide to Oracle SQL [X] – Other Database Objects (Sequences & Synonyms)

This is last topic in this series. Till now we talked about a major database object “Table“. Apart from tables there are some other objects which is used more commonly and frequently. These are Indexes, Sequences, Synonyms and Views. An Index is an optional db object that provide faster access path to table data. Sequence … Continue reading

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