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Invisible Index

Starting with Oracle Database 11g you can create or mark an index as invisible index. It can be used as an alternative to marking an index as unusable or dropping it. The other benefits of making an index as invisible is to test the effect of dropping it permanently from database or using it in … Continue reading

Flashback Table

There are two Flashback feature related to database table: Flashback Table and Flashback Drop. We already discussed the Flashback Drop feature. In this post we will discuss the Flashback Table. Flashback table feature allows you to flashback a table to a previous point-in-time that means you can discard all the changes that were made on … Continue reading


Introduced in Oracle 7.3, UTL_FILE PL/SQL package provides a functionality of reading and writing text file into operating system files. That means you can load external data from other source to database or can generate report from your PL/SQL code and write to text file on operating system. UTL_FILE package provides access to text file … Continue reading

Securing Oracle Database : Fine-Grained Auditing

In the previous posts [P1 & P2], we talk about Standard Auditing. In this post we talk about Fine-Grained Auditing (FGA). With standard auditing, you can easily captured all the objects and tables that were accessed and by whom, whether it was SELECT statement or any other DML statements such as DELETE, INSERT or UPDATE. … Continue reading

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