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Flashback DROP

Oracle flashback technology is an alternate to traditional recovery methods. Unlike RMAN, which most of his part deals with physical corruption, flashback technology deals with logical corruptions like a user has accidentally dropped a table or a query changes some data sets. Flashback technologies basically introduced in Oracle 9i as Flashback Queries which uses UNDO … Continue reading

Securing Oracle Database – Standard Auditing (II)

In the previous post we talk about Standard Auditing and AUDIT_TRAIL parameter with the value set to DB and DB_EXTENDED. In this part we will talk about AUDIT_TRAIL parameter with OS, XML and XML_EXTENDED values. As we know that when AUDIT_TRAIL is set to OS, XML or XML_EXTENDED the audit_trail is write to the Operating … Continue reading

Securing Oracle Database – Standard Auditing (I)

Auditing helps you in monitor user’s database activity and records what was done in your database. It will help you to track their activity, how they performed it, what the command they used or their logon attempt whether successful or not. In short with the help of auditing you can able to track down any … Continue reading

Read-Only Table

Prior to Oracle Database 11g, there was a facility to place an entire tablespace in Read-Only mode but none for single table. Either you place the table in that tablespace or write trigger on table that would raises an exception to prevent data being modify in the events of DML operations. Oracle Database 11g allows … Continue reading

Virtual Column

Sometimes you want to store some data in a table based on some expressions which rely on some other columns, functions etc. In simple words, the column generated from other source based on some action. So what’s your option? One option is to write a trigger using some logic. It could results in changing the … Continue reading

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